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Political Mailing Personalized Targeting

With mid-term elections around the corner it is important to make sure your political mailings are targeting the right individuals for your political campaign.  Political marketing campaigns should be highly targeted, because the data is readily available and your messaging and outreach can be tailored for each specific voter.  This increases the effectiveness of your direct mail political marketing campaigns while saving money on postage.

Action Mail can provide lists based on voting trends, demographic information, or basically anything you think would be relevant to your political campaign.  Action Mail can also access list of large donors for outreach campaigns. The amount of data available for political campaigns is immense and if utilized correctly can make huge differences to your campaign.

The data available for direct mail campaigns is as vast as that of Facebook and can even be more personalized with variable data printing.  Yet, direct mail is much more trusted as the sources of the data are much more transparent than Facebook.  Especially now with the negative reputation of political Facebook ads, direct mail is playing a much larger part in election marketing.  

The game has changed in direct marketing, as everything is about data and personalization.  Connect directly with your voters and tailor your messaging directly to each segment.  Data is king and if used correctly can really make a difference in political campaigns.