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Postage Cost

USPS Postage Rate


The USPS announced the possibility of a rate increase for January 2018.  This still needs to be finalized but the USPS provided detailed plans on their proposed rates.  The cost of a first class stamp will increase to $0.50 and the cost of a postcard stamp will be $0.35, a one cent increase.

Below are a few high level changes that the USPS has proposed

  • Commercial products will see a 4.7% increase but this is lower than FedEx's increase of 4.9%
  • Priority Mail is proposed to increase 3.9%
  • Discounts will be reduced for drop shipping mailings to local post offices
  • Discounts will be reduced for postal incentives
  • Bulk Mail (Standard Mail) are proposed to increase 2%

The cost of postage will vary depending on the size of the piece or package as well as what rate category the list qualifies for.

Action Mail will continue to monitor the updates from the post office and will provide updates once the rates are finalized.