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San Diego Mail

San Diego Direct Mail House

For local mailings to the greater San Diego area using a local direct mail house like Action Mail can save money, speed up delivery times and add convenience.  We have been serving the San Diego area for over 20 years and have the expertise and experience to help with your next direct mail campaign.

There are a number of benefits to working with a local San Diego mailer for your direct mail campaigns., which include:

Save Money:

For mailings in San Diego county if mail pieces are sent to the local SCF Post Office savings on postage can be as high as $0.04.  Typically Action Mail delivers most mail to the San Diego SCF post office, but Action Mail will also review your mailing list and let you know if there would be any additional cost savings by delivering to a different post office.

Save Time:

For mailings going to the San Diego area, if mail pieces are delivered to the local SCF the delivery times should be quicker than if they were delivered to another post office.  Mailing locally in San Diego will also reduce the delivery time to the post office and the delivery time of materials to Action Mail's facility


Located in Escondido, Action Mail is conveniently located next to the 15 freeway.  We are always happy to meet with clients and store materials at our facility.

Even if your mailing is outside of San Diego, Action Mail can still assist with the mailing and printing, as we work with many national campaigns and can even ship products directly to local post offices still saving time and money.  Contact Us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

San Diego Direct Mail and Printing

There are a few advantages in using a local direct mail and print company in San Diego.  For local San Diegan companies Action Mail has a facility in San Diego where materials can be printed or delivered. Action Mail can also deliver mailings to addresses in San Diego to the Margaret L. Sellers post office for quick delivery and discounted postage rates.  A local San Diegan print and mail house enables you to have access to our warehouse facility and can expedite proof approvals and delivery of direct mail. Action Mail is San Diego's one stop shop for direct mail.

For companies outside of San Diego, there are also advantages of Action Mail having a facility in San Diego.  Being located on the west coast allows us to process mailings and deliver to the post office later, due to operating on PST.  This can expedite timelines especially for first class mail which needs to be put into the mail stream as soon as possible.  Our location also is in close proximity to major ports and borders which enables us to receive materials shipped from abroad.  We are also able to drop ship mailings to local post offices across the US and internationally.  We also can avoid many weather delays being located in San Diego and ensure your materials are stored in a controlled environment.

Action Mail is your one stop shop for direct mail and printing needs in San Diego.  With a facility located in San Diego Action Mail is able to expedite your mailings and get them to the USPS on time whether you are mailing nationally or to San Diego addresses.