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San Diego Mail House

Benefits of using a Local San Diego Mail House

For companies in San Diego using a local San Diego mail house can save you a lot of money, especially in postage.

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At Action Mail we deliver all our local mail to the Sorting Center Facility in San Diego (unless we can get lower rates by delivering to another post office). Delivering to the main post office in San Diego can reduce postage rates by 4 cents per piece. In addition local mail is processed and delivered much faster as this is the main sorting facility that most San Diego mail gets sent to prior to distribution.

Besides saving money on postage and getting your mailing delivered quicker, using a local mail house in San Diego has additional benefits. We can hand deliver hard copy proofs or printed materials quicker and at lower costs. We can also store your materials in our warehouse and they can be quickly accessed at any time. We are also very accessible and happy to meet in person to discuss any questions. Especially with mailings, sometimes seeing a physical sample and better understand the USPS regulations can make all the difference.

Working with a local mail house in San Diego will not only help with convenience but could also end up saving a lot of money.