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Save on Postage

Save Money on USPS Postage

The United States Postal Services has developed a complex rate system based on whether pieces can run on their automated machinery and the efficiency in which the pieces can be sorted.  This rate system makes it complex to determine the postage rates for both standard and first class mail.  At Action Mail we will make sure you get the lowest postage rate your piece qualifies for, but the design of the mail piece will have a large effect on the postage rate.  It is best to have your artwork and design approved by a mail house prior to printing.  To be even safer have Action Mail print your piece to ensure that it meets all USPS guidelines.  We can even get samples approved by the post office to ensure that they will run on USPS machinery.  The design of your direct mail piece is important to generate response but it should also take into account that it can effect the postage price.  It is best to have your mail house review and print your mail pieces to ensure that you are not wasting money on postage.