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USPS informed delivery

Get your USPS Mail on your phone or computer

The USPS can scan your mail and notify you as to what will be arriving in your mailbox. The USPS is scanning most mail and can send a greyscale image of what will be delivered to you email or you can log into a portal to view your mail. The USPS will also notify you of any packages being delivered and provide an option to provide instructions to the carrier.

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This service is great not just great to see what is in your mailbox but is also a great opportunity for mailers to get their advertisement to you in a different format. Peolpe who have informed delivery will not only see the mail piece in their mail box but will also see if in their email or informed delivery portal. Advertisers can also provide the USPS with full color images to display on this service and can also include links directly to their website. This is a great opportunity to get additional information your target audience and stand out from the crowd.

The service is relatively new but is gaining popularity quickly. Most advertisers do not use the service to add color images and links as many are not aware of the service or think that there is not a high enough adoption rates. Yet, this service is growing quickly and designing your mail piece to be optimized for this service or providing the USPS with specific artwork is a great way to get noticed and help your audience connect with you.