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direct mail integration

Integrating your Direct Mail Marketing

Action Mail can integrate your direct mail marketing with your overall digital marketing campaign. To improve your marketing return on investment (ROI) all of your marketing efforts must work together. With an integrated approach you can maintain a consistent value proposition and ensure that the effect of each individual marketing channel is multiplied by the other channels being used simultaneously.

Direct mail marketing can be a significant portion of your integrated approach. The power of mail marketing can be enhanced by combining your mail with your online efforts. Including Personalized URLs (PURLS), and/or personalized QR codes on your mailings will allow for a more integrated marketing approach. The following are the major benefits gained by bringing your offline mail campaigns online:

1.       Tracking

One of the biggest challenges with direct mail marketing is tracking your success. By integrating your direct mail campaigns with your online marketing activities you can easily track responses. With custom landing pages and PURLs you can track the response and conversion of every piece of mail sent.

2.      Personalizing

By including PURLs and personalized QR codes you can now customize the direct mail experience for every recipient. Personalized landing pages with pre-filled forms improve the overall customer experience. You can combine the customer targeting of direct mail with the interactive capabilities of the internet.

3.      Coordinating with Other Channels

By tracking your mail you can trigger emails or other marketing campaigns to coincide with the delivery of the mailing to reinforce the marketing message. It is important to keep your value proposition fresh in the customers mind. Marketing messages can be triggered based on customer responses, helping customers move closer to a decision to convert.

4.      Improving Response

Combining the power of direct mail with the real time data and coordinated marketing efforts will help to increase your return on investment across all marketing channels.

5.      Improving Customer Experience

By coordinating your marketing efforts the customer experience is improved. Each customer feels the personal touch and each marketing message they receive is integrated with the brand, value proposition, and overall marketing campaign.

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