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direct mail price match

Direct Mail Price Match

We do our best to match our competitor's listed price, while continuing to offer the same quality and service our customers are accustomed to. 

When comparing estimates or quotes it is important to compare apples to apples.  With direct mail there are many different ways one can conduct a mailing, and each technique or tactic can have a very different price point.  For this reason we custom quote every job to make sure we provide options that are best suited for your mailing and goals.

Direct Mail is complicated and often a few additional expenses can save thousands in the long run and result in a much higher ROI.  For most mailings postage is one of the largest expenses.  Many times a few extra services from a mail house may result in thousands of dollars in savings on postage.  You also want to ensure the accuracy of the mail house, because once your pieces are delivered to the post office the USPS will not refund postage. 

There are different ways to design a mailing which could be a bit more costly but will result in a better looking piece to represent your company appropriately as well as increase your ROI.  For instance using a better quality paper stock can give your direct mail piece a very different look which will better represent your brand and set your piece apart in the mailbox.  There are also additional touches you can add to mail pieces like personalization, live stamps, intricate components, etc that can cost more but have also been proven to increases ROI.  Additionally using a more expensive list will result in additional costs of both the list and per piece postage, but a targeted list will have a higher ROI and you will save on avoiding wasted postage and printing that would have been sent to people outside of your target audience.

Action Mail's direct mail prices are many times the lowest, but instead of the lowest price we focus on providing the best product for you at the best price.  Sometimes it will be a product at the lowest price but other times it will be a bit more expensive but will be higher quality.  We will try our best to price match, but we make sure to provide you with the best priced product for your goals which many times is not cheapest option.