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direct mail response

Increase Direct Mail Response

The key to driving a direct mail response is the offer. It is important to send something valuable to the recipient that the will spark interest and drive conversion.

Offer: The offer should be something valuable. Provide a discount, free item, or free consultation. Providing something that will grab the attention of the recipient and drive them to act on the offer.

Target: The message should be targeted to the correct people. if you send a great offer but it is directed at the wrong demographic the response will be low. Current or former customers often have the highest direct mail response rates as they have proven interest in the product. You can also create look alike audiences of your current customers to try to target similar people.

Design: The design should be concise and clear. You only have a few seconds once someone opens their mail to get their attention. Make sure that your artwork clearly shows your offer and how to act on the offer. If there is additional information you would like to convey, it is beneficial to use a self mailer that can be unfolded with additional information.

Timing: The direct mail piece will also need to arrive when the recipient needs the product or service. Some offers are seasonal and can be timed to match up with the season, while others just depend on the individual. Sending out multiple mailings may help get the timing right as well as develop brand recognition.