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Direct Mail Quick Turnaround

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How quickly do you need your direct mail piece in the mail?  Action Mail specializes in highly complicated quick turn around direct mail pieces.  This varies from highly sensitive open enrollment packets to tax forms that need to be distributed to employees.  Action Mail can also quickly print and send direct mail postcards and letters at the lowest postage rates.  If you have a rush job contact us today and we will work with you to get your piece delivered accurately and on time.

Fast Direct Mail Turnaround Times

At Action Mail we have the flexibility to turn your job around quickly.  Please let one of our sales reps know if you have a rush mailing project and we can work with you to develop a timeline to get your direct mail piece in homes and businesses by your deadline.  Typical turn around is 2-3 days for mailing and 3-7 days for mailing and printing but it all depends on the type of job and quantity.  Additional time is built into our timelines for QAQC, proofing, data analysis, postal delivery, uploading of postal documents, and work flow.  To reduce turnaround times please make sure everything is ready to go and proofs and data can be approved quickly.  We will also need postage funds to deposit with the USPS to send the mailing, which can often hold up rush jobs.  We have the flexibility to change our schedule and mail quickly, but at the same time need to ensure all QAQC protocols and proofing are in place.  Rush direct mail jobs will also need to be sent first class mail to be delivered in 1-3 days, and this will add additional expenses.  For rush jobs please contact one of our sales reps who can evaluate how quickly we can get your mailing printed and delivered to the post office.