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What is in an Envelope

It’s critical that your direct mail envelope gets opened.  Research shows you only have 7 seconds to make an impression on your prospect and get them to open the envelope.

Here are some useful tips in selecting the correct envelope:

·         Must meet USPS Postal regulations

·         For most cost effective processing, it should be machine insert compatible

·         Be careful not to use dark or luminous colors.  These will not be able to be sorted by the USPS unless the address block is knocked out.   This is also true for some of the bright Neon colored envelopes.


Color is a powerful branding tool and can promote connection and emotion.  Make an impact and catch the prospects eye. 

Utilize the Empty Space

After reading the name and address on the envelopes the recipients eyes will move to images and graphics on the envelope.  Utilize this canvas and create a graphic call to action, instead of just plain text.  Use the back side of the envelope as well.

Addressing and Postage

There are many different fonts you can use to address the envelope.  Choosing a font will depend on the piece.   For an invitation, you may use a more decorative hand written type font, where a business letter will be in a more standard Arial, or Times Roman type font.  For a more personalized feel, you can affix a bulk mail stamp rather than an indicia.


There are many window sizes available.  This can give the recipients a peek inside the direct mail package and can act as a tease.  The windows can also showcase the offer inside.