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Invitation Mistakes that Can Cost Thousands in USPS Postage

Creating the perfect invitation for your event is important to publicize the event and create excitement.  Whether the event is fundraiser, gala, meeting, or corporate event the design of the invitation is important in branding the event.  Though there are a few simple steps that could save thousands on USPS Postage and mailing fulfillment of bulk mailed invitations.  Below are a few thing to look out for.

Size: Square envelopes and envelopes with the smaller side being larger than 6.125" have significantly higher postage rates.  Typically it is recommendable to use stock envelope size like A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9, A-10 etc.  This will save on the envelope cost and and postal savings.

Color of Envelope: Many times invitations have color envelopes. The issues with colored envelopes is if they are too dark the USPS cannot differentiate the barcode from the envelope and will not be able to pass the envelope through the USPS automation machinery resulting in higher postage rates.  This happens with metallic envelopes and envelopes on darker colors. There are USPS automation envelopes available or Action mail can review the envelopes and provide them to the USPS to sample on their machinery.

Envelope Flaps: Many invitation envelopes have a non-machinable flap.  This design which has a large flap that has square corners is not able to run on automated inserting machinery.  Selecting an envelope with a small flap with rounded corners will allow Action Mail to use automation machinery and reduce your fulfillment costs.

There are many ways to send a bulk mail invitation and many different price points.  Feel free to contact us and discuss your design plans and we would be happy to provide feedback and steps to reduce costs while still maintaining the branding and look you desire.