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Facebook Ads, Cultivating Trust

With the growing concern of Facebook's data policy and how Facebook utilizes user data, Facebook Ads are becoming much more controversial.  It will be likely that response rates to Facebook Ads will decrease as Ads are now being looked at with some skepticism.  One solution is to use a multi-channel marketing approach supplementing direct mail with digital campaigns to build trust and a relationship with recipients.  

Direct Mail has similar capabilities to Facebook as list can be purchased that specifically target people.  Yet, direct mail is looked at as less obtrusive as the sources of the data are vast.  Since recipients cannot pinpoint where the data is coming from it is more difficult for them to realize why they are receiving a certain mail piece and they are more likely to focus on the offer instead of why it is being sent to them.  Direct Mail is also view as less obtrusive as a mail piece cannot follow you around on the internet and know your every mood, but in the same breath the mail piece will have multiple touches in the recpient's home. 

Direct Mail also has a more personal approach than Facebook Ads as each individual advertisement can be personalized and customized for each recipient.  This cultivates trust and a connection as opposed to users focusing on which algorithm is targeting them. It is also possible to retarget house lists and develop relationships with customers with constant communication.  

Facebook is a great marketing tool, but with all the negative publicity it will be beneficial to supplement Facebook marketing with offline channels.  This has also been proven to increase online response rates as there is a much higher brand recognition and sense of trust that can be built.