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Disaster Relief Marketing

When disasters such as fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more occur the people affected need support, but it is tricky to target and market to those affected.  Many organizations and companies such as law firms, insurance agents, constuction companies, etc can provide much needed services, but it is hard for disaster victims to know about the services they offer. Direct Mail is a great way to provide marketing material for services to support people effected by disasters, as it is easy to to geograohically target individuals effected. 

Below are a few tips:

1. Geographic marketing: From our experience it is often best to target the geographic area where the disaster took place.  Depending on the disaster sometimes list of those effected are available but many times it takes a while to compile and can be expensive.  It is often more cost effective to target a geographical area even though you may include housholds not effected by the disaster.

2. Mail should get to the intended person.  Even if a home is destroyed by a disaster marketing direct mail should get to the intended recipient.  There are many important documents that need to be received by disaster victims, and one of the first thing FEMA will do is set up a forwarding addresses.  Additionally the USPS will hold mail for areas where disasters took place to ensure the recipients can receive their mail.

3. Tailored Messaging. This is a very difficult time for disaster victims and a well crafted message which offers support and a solution to the problems being faced is often times what is needed to help these victims but their lives back together.  Be sure to include credentials, testimonials, and additional proof of service to help set your services apart any scams.

4. Easy next steps: Be sure to make it easy for people to respond to your marketing piece.  Many times disaster victims have little to no resources so multiple ways to seek help will be necessary including phone numbers, addresses to meet in person and webpages.

This is a difficult time but providing your service could help provide support communities rebuild.  Whether you are a law firm, construction company, or any other service provider getting your services to those who need it most is essential.  Direct mail allows you to do so effectively and unobtrosively at this very sensitive time.