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first class parcel

Save Money by Getting Your Shipments Under 1lb

You can save a lot on postage and shipping costs if you can get the weight of your package under 1 pound.  Shipment under 1 pound are eligible for first class parcel shipping rates which range from $2.61 to $4.30 per piece depending on the weight of the piece.  This service will deliver your piece anywhere in the US for a flat fee, you do not have to worry about postal zones or where the piece is being shipped to.  This service will also deliver your shipments in 1-3 days.  Once you get over 1lb your piece is no longer eligible for first class parcel rates and the next best option is priority mail.  There are a few advantages to priority mail in that you piece should be delivered quicker and you can include insurance at no extra charge, but the postage rates are considerably more expensive (in many cases double that of first class parcel).  If you have a light weight product that needs to be fulfilled and shipped it is beneficial to design packaging so that the product is under 1 lb and you can take advantage of first class parcel rates