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hand fulfillment

Packing by Hand


Many products are too delicate to pack or insert by machine, so we offer our white glove fulfillment and packing service.  This service can be used for product kitting and fulfillment but can also be used for fulfilling packets, certificates, or complicated mailings.  Sometimes it is even faster and more accurate for us to fulfill by hand.

How to determine if you fulfillment requires hand fulfillment?  Below are a few examples of products that could be hand fulfilled:

  • Delicate products that needed to be packed precisly
  • Products that require a specific presentation
  • Packets or envelopes with multiple sheets of variable information and/or varying page length
  • Folders with variable information or insert inside and outside of the folder
  • Bulky and irregular shaped products or inserts

There are many different situations when hand packing can be advantagous.  It is best to contact us and we can provide the best recommendation for your specific needs and projects.