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Who should my marketing target?

You best customer is a current customer.  You should do all you can to market to your current customers, but when looking for new leads and prospect who should you market to?


The answer is simple market to people or businesses who look like your current customers.  Your customer database is extremely valuable not for just being able to market to your current customer base but also to better understand your customer base and why they use your product or service.

At Action Mail we can take your current customer database and append demographic data to it and provide a demographic report of your customers.  This will help you better understand what your customers look like including age, income, geographic distribution, gender, ethnicity, education level, marital status, and many more demographic indicators.  This information is very helpful in understanding the demographics of your customer base and how to market directly to them in ways that they can relate to.

In addition to helping you understand your customer database Action Mail can also help you market directly to audiences that look like them.  Using the information gathered in the analysis of your customer database, Action Mail can generate a list of new prospect that have the same demographic composition as your current customers.  This takes the guess work out of developing a marketing plan and you can look to gain more customers similar to the ones that have proven to generate revenue.

Action Mail can then help you design a direct mail campaign to target these individuals and can even help you develop specific messaging targeted at each segment.  Targeting the right people is the key to any successful direct mail campaign and what better place to start than targeting people with the same characteristics as your current customers.