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Append data to your customer lists

Data is what drives decisions and should be driving your marketing.  The more data you have the more nimble and targeted your marketing approach can be.  When collecting customer data it is valuable to get as much information as possible, but this is a double edge sword because you do not want to frustrate your client with surveys and forms.  One solution to this is to append data to your client lists.

  It is possible to take your client list and match this list with publicly available data from credit bureaus, surveys, and other publicly available data sources.  The data available to append to your lists can include email addresses, birth months, income, credit indicators, and many other factors.  If there is a data point you wish you had it is likely that it can be appended to your list.

Appending data to your customer lists enables you to better target your marketing and advertising which will allow you to better present and time your offer.  Increasing personalization will also increase your response rate and help you better connect with your customers.  Appending data will also allow you flexibility to use different mediums like direct mail, email campaigns, and display advertising.