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Machine Insertable Envelopes

Selecting the correct envelope can save thousands in labor costs.  In order to automate the inserting/stuffing of envelopes they will need to be a certain design, as the machine inserters are only compatible with certain envelope types.

Most envelope manufacturers will brand their envelopes as machine insertable, but below are a few tips in order to identify and select the correct type of envelope.  Additionally, if you are looking for something a little bit different than standard envelopes some can be custom made to be machine insertable.

Size: The simplest envelopes to insert by machine are #10, #9 reply envelopes, 6"x9" and 6"x9.5".  For other sizes it is best to contact us to see the most cost effective way to insert these envelopes, as depending on the piece some envelopes are actually more efficient to hand insert.  You will also need to ensure that there is enough room in the envelopes for your inserts.  Many times people try to insert a #9 into a 6x9 which is just too tight of a fit.

Flap: Typically the flap style is what will determine if the envelope is machineable.  The flap needs to be short (about 1.5") and will need rounded corners with about 0.25" radii.  Below are a few samples of what this typically looks like.

#9 envelope.jpg
booklet envelope.jpg

Envelopes with square flaps like the one below are not machineable.  Many invitation style envelopes are designed like this.

A-10 envelope.jpg

Seal: Machineable envelopes should be gummed moisture sealed envelopes. Peal and stick as well as press and stick envelopes will not be able to be machine inserted.

These are the basic factors contributing to whether an envelope can be machine inserted, but it is best to contact us to make sure everything is correct.  We can also provide envelopes to ensure they are machine insertable and are the most efficient for your specific mailing. We can also provide color printed envelopes or custom make envelopes for your specific mailing.