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marketing collateral

Marketing Collateral included Product Fulfillment

Fulfilling and shipping your products are not just a great way to deliver products to clients but it is a great way to market your brand and other products.  Shipping products is a great way to include additional marketing collateral giving clients coupon codes or special offers for purchasing additional products.  It is also a great and many times one of the only opportunities for you to develop your brand because in the digital age this can be one of the few times your clients will physically interact with your brand. 

  Including personalized offers and messages with your products will help you  connect with your clients and help create a more exciting unboxing experience.  Including marketing collateral like postcards, flyer, or notes will also have a lasting impact as often these do not get thrown away and are a constant reminder to the purchaser, friends, and family about your brand and products.  Branding your boxes will also create excitement and envy from friends, family and neighbors, and similar to flyers or postcards boxes typically sit around for a while, need multiple touches to dispose of them, and often get re-purposed.  

The best part about including marketing collateral with shipping your product is the free ride.  You are already paying for shipping so additional collateral will be delivered to your client free of charge by your carrier.