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move updates

How to update your mailing lists with addresses from households and businesses that have moved.

Action Mail can update your lists so they are accurate and up to date. One of the processes that Action Mail uses when lists are processed is to run the list through the USPS’ NCOA (National Change of Address Database). Whenever someone changes addresses they can fill out a change of address form so that mail can be forwarded to their new address. Action Mail can take your list and cross reference the NCOA (national change of address) list and provide updates to households and businesses that have moved.

For addresses that have moved in the the last 18 months Action Mail can provide the new address where the household and business have moved to. For addresses 19-48 months Action Mail can get determine that the household or business have moved but many times the new address is not available. It is important that list updates are updated in clients databases as well, as after 4 years the move update information will not longer be accessible.

These list updates can be accessed for both households and businesses but the updates are only as good as the data collected from Change of Address Forms collected and the accuracy of the original data.

Maintaining a clean and updated database can save on wasted postage and printing and will also ensure that your mail piece is delivered to the correct location.