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new mover marketing

New Mover and New Homeowner Mailings

Every year over 35 million households move within the US.  New homeowners and new movers are great marketing targets for local businesses.  New homeowners and movers are often times just getting to know the area where they have moved and will be looking to establish themselves in the community and select local businesses to support.  Most households first select where they would like to spend their money based on convenience.  For example most households will go to grocery stores, gas stations, dentists, and restaurants within close proximity to their home. Additionally moving is quite an ordeal and there are many services that recently moved households will be looking for.   Many new movers will be looking to fix up their house and will be looking for painters, hvac companies, landscapers, window and blind installations, handymen, and many other services to fix and prepare their home to live in.

One of the best aspects of direct mail is how data driven direct mail marketing can be.  It is possible to get databases with all new movers in a specific area.  These databases can be updated monthly, so it is possible to continually target people moving into specific neighborhoods.  This allows marketers to specifically target this promising demographic of new homeowners and movers shortly after they have moved.  Direct mail is also more effective when targeting new movers, as many times normal mail has not been set up to forward yet but households are excited to explore their new homes and get their mail every day.  The ability to target this specific demographic of new movers and homeowners can focus marketing budgets on a very profitable demographic which can help acquire customers for life.