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Online direct mail campaigns

Direct Mail can be ordered online but it is often better to at the very least discuss the project with an expert.  At Action Mail we publish ballpark pricing of our services, but we prefer to quote and price each job individually, as no two jobs should be the same.  It is important to design a specific campaign related to your demographic and market.  Ordering direct mail online often leads to cookie cutter programs that do not stand out and can be ineffective.  Even once you have a campaign designed and running it is important to adjust the campaign periodically, leveraging results to improve the campaign.

Online ordering can be very simple, but without an in depth look at your marketing plan, budget, and target audience you could be spending money in the wrong places.  There are also tricks of the trade which can help to reduce postage and increase efficiencies, but this really depends on the type of piece you are mailing, the quantity, demographic, location, etc.  Ordering postcards or flyers online may seem like the most cost effective option but many times you will end up spending more in printing and postage and get lower returns than if you went directly to a mail house.