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Quick Turnaround Political Mailings

Political landscapes change quickly and the key to a great campaign is sending the correct messaging at the correct time.  Action Mail specializes in quick turnarounds and is here to support your election direct mail campaigns.  Contact Us to get a better estimate on the turn around for your specific project.

Turnarounds depend on the size of mailing, size of the piece, complexity, and location, but typically we can turn around political mailings in 24 hours.  If they are local in the San Diego area, we can also deliver them to local post offices for expedited delivery by the USPS.  San Diego mailings typically get delivered in 1-3 days as they are tagged as election mail.  For mailings outside of San Diego we can drop ship the mailing which adds a few extra days depending on the distance.

In order to expedite your political mailings it is important that your artwork is setup correctly, all data is properly formatted and organized, proofs can be approved quickly, and that funds are ready to pay for postage.  There is also the option of pre-printing shells that just need to be addressed, which will save time and money, but limits the flexibility of changing messaging.  Anything you can do to prepare for the mailing beforehand will help expedited the turnaround time.

At Action Mail we know the importance of rush turnaround times for political mailings and are here to support your campaigns.




It is the time of the year when the USPS is starting to see a lot of red tag mail running through their equipment.

What is Red Tagged Mail?


All qualified political mail will have their mail trays or sacks tagged with a special red tag by the mail house . This helps the post office identify the mail as political mail so that this political mail can be given priority service. Most political mailings run on very tight turnaround times and this identification is extremely important in ensuring the mail gets to the destination on time before election day.


1.        Make sure your art conforms with the standards set out by the USPS for bulk mail discounts. Your art should also have the necessary bleeds built in so that the color will print to the edge.

2.       Get your mailing list ready ahead of time and send it to your mail house so that the list can be scrubbed for bad address and updated with the new address. Also decide ahead of time if you would like to remove all addresses that do not qualify for maximum discounts due to them not matching what the USPS has as a valid address.

3.       Make sure you have postage funds available prior to delivery of the mail to the post office. The USPS will not accept mail without payment, standard (bulk) mail cannot be paid with a credit card.