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Qualifying for Bulk Mail Postage Discounts

One of the benefits of using a direct mail house is the ability to take advantage of commercial pricing on bulk mail postage. There are many factors that come into play when determining if your mailing qualifies for postage discounts.  Utilizing a direct mail house will not only save money by qualifying your piece for postage discounts but will also help navigate the United States Postal Services rules and regulations ensuring your mail piece qualifies the lowest postage rate possible. Below are explanations of the key factors necessary to qualify for postage discounts.

  • Quantity: The number of pieces you plan on mailing is a major factor in determining if you qualify for postage discounts. Quantity is key because you must meet the minimum quantity requirements to qualify as bulk mail and therefore qualify for a postage discount. Below are the minimum quantity requirements to qualify as bulk mail for each different mail class:
    • First Class: 500 pieces
    • Standard: 200 pieces or 50 pounds
    • Parcel Select: 50 pieces
    • Parcel Select Non-presort: 50 pieces or 50 pounds
    • Media Mail, Library Mail, and Presorted or Carrier Bound Printed Matter: 300 pieces


  • Presorting: For mail to qualify for postage discounts it must be presorted. This means that the mail must be prepared so that the addresses are sorted by zip code. This is an essential aspect of bulk mail discounts because it reduces the amount of work that the post office needs to do. The post office passes the savings on to you with a decrease in your postage cost. Direct mail houses have capital equipment and processes to efficiently and cost effectively presort mail.


  • Mailing Permit: You or your direct mail house must have a mailing permit. Direct mail houses such as Action Mail have permits that you can utilize for your mailing at no additional fee.


  • Postage Payment: You must pay the postage with pre-canceled stamps, a postage meter, or a permit imprint. You should discuss with your direct mail marketer which postage method is the best for your mailing.  

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