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How Long Does Printing Take?

Printing can be done same day or take as long as 10 days. The time needed to print all depends on the type of piece that is being printed and how the piece is being printed.

Standard postcards and letters can be quick to print whereas envelopes, booklets and self-mailers typically take longer. The process used for printing will also determine how long it will take to print. Digital printing is much faster, but for larger quantities can be more expensive. Offset printing is much more affordable but does take longer to produce.

There are many other variables like the quantity, desired price point, time to approve proofs, finishing required, material that will be printed on, variable data, and many other factors that can also determine the time needed to print.

Typically we recommend budgeting 3-6 business days for printing but it is best to contact us in regards to your specific project and needs and we will give you a more precise timeline. In some cases we can do same day or next day turnarounds but it is best to speak (760-480-2323) with one of our representatives to determine what printing turn around we can provide for your specific project and the cost of doing so.