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Prospecting Email Blast

Sending an email blast to your clients who have opted-in to receive emails is a great idea, but what about generating new prospects through email blasts.  This is much trickier due to opt in laws and servers being marked as spam.  

Action Mail offers a service where you can rent an email list of emails who have opted in to receive marketing emails and we can send this prospecting email on a white listed server.  This allows you to access a large quantity of prospects while following the law and protecting your servers.

The open rates are typically about 7% and click through rates are about 1%.  This is not bad especially since these are cold leads.  Conversion really depends on the offer, email design and landing page.

We typically do not recommend stand alone email campaigns but recommending combing them with a direct mail campaign.  Stand alone email campaigns will let you target a large quantity of people for a low cost per an email, but emails to cold leads often get discarded or looked at with suspicion.  When these emails are combined with a physical direct mail piece it will increase the response rates of both the email and the direct mail piece.  It is often also recommendable to send multiple blasts and to cultivate the relationship.

Emails blasts can be an effective marketing tool, but we advise to use caution when implementing them, have realistic expectations and supplement email campaigns with direct mail campaigns