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How to fold a self-mailer?

When designing a self-mailer it is essential that the piece folds correctly to meet USPS postal regulations.  Essentially the final fold will need to be on the longest edge and be located below the address.

Below is a self-mailer template for a simple 8.5x11 bi-fold self-mailer

Bi-fold Self-Mailer Template

As more folds are introduced and large paper sizes are used the regulations become bit more complicated.  A few simple rules to follow are

  • The final fold will need to be below the address.  This means that the top of the mail piece will always be open.
  • The second to last fold will need to be to the right of the address on the leading edge, if there is a fold perpendicular to the final fold.
  • The address will always need to be parallel to the longest edge and cannot be placed on the last panel.
  • The last panel should be at the top or within one inch of the top
  • Make sure that when orientating the self-mailer the address and artwork on the address panel are orientated so that they reads correctly. 

Below are a few examples of self-mailer templates which indicate where the final folds will need to be made so that the piece will meet USPS regulations and qualify for the lowest postage rates.

Tri-fold Self-Mailer Template

Tri-fold Self-Mailer Template

Quarter-fold Self-mailer Template

Quarter-fold Self-mailer Template

Folds for self-mailers will be different depending on the size of the piece and the number of panels on the piece, but using the rules mentioned above should have the information you need to fold your self-mailer correctly.  If your design requires a different fold it may be possible to add additional tabs to meet the USPS requirements.

Please send us a proof of your self-mailer so we can make sure the folds are correct.