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variable printing

Variable Image Printing

With digital printing you can easily incorporate variable text or imagery into your printing.  This is commonly used when printing is personalized with variable text like the name or any associated datapoints.  Yet, you can also pull variable imagery like variable product photos customized to prior purchases, variable imagery based on location or variable imagery based on demographics.  The ability to customize your printing to personally target individuals is very effective.  Just putting someone's name on a piece makes a big difference, but if you can customize your printing to be more personalized your ROI will increase.

With variable image printing you can also incorporate various logos for marketing that involves multiple companies and branches.  This enables printing to be gang run at the same time, saving on setup costs and often enabling your mailings to qualify for lower postage rates. 

It is also common to use different images for different customer segments.  If you can segment your house data incorporating images that will resonate with each segment will help increase your ROI.

The more your campaign can be targeted and personalized the better it will be to improve your ROI and help you tailor the experience your customers and prospects have with your company.

Mail Merged Custom Printing

Adding personalized salutations or addressing a postcard or letter is a great way to customize your mailing, but adding more intricate variable data will make your piece stand out and get a higher response.  If you have the data almost anything is possible.  The more personalized your piece is the higher your response rate will be and this personal connection will help build your brand.  Below are a few examples of custom mail merged variable data printing that can set your piece apart from the rest.

Variable imagery:  If you have data regarding previous purchases, including imagery of these purchases for each specific recipient will help get your respondents attention.  This is popular in the automotive industry where collateral will be customized to the car in an expiring lease.

Personal Information: Including any personal information like the previous donation amounts, previous purchases, business information, etc.  If you do not have these data sets they may be available for purchase.  For instance loan information can be sourced which is helpful in selling refinancing or financial offers.

Use their name:  The respondents name should be throughout the mailer.  You do not want your piece to look generic so include the name of your respondent in multiple locations.  You can also use the address information multiple times.  Anything to make your piece look more customized will help drive response.

Adding custom mail merged images and text will increase the cost of your printing but doing so will also increase the response rate and help cultivate your brand.  There are some trick to included personalized, customized mail merge printing at lower costs, but your design and budget will dictate some of options available to you.