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How much does a folded self-mailer cost?

  Folded self mailers are a great way to send large amounts of information in a cost effective and attention grabbing manner.  Self-mailers allow you to save money by avoiding the use of envelopes.

Printing for self-mailers depends on how big the sheets are and how many panels will be in the self-mailer.  Self-mailers are typically printed on a thinner stock than postcards so the printing costs are less than that of postcards, but depend on the number of pages, paper stock, variable data, and design.

Self-mailers will also need to be folded and tabbed (wafer-sealed).  The amount of folding and tabbing will depend on the design of the piece and will need to comply with USPS regulations. Tabbing usually can be done in-line while the piece is ink-jet addressed, but depending on the number and location of tabs needed additional runs may be need which will increase production time and costs. there are specific postal regulations regarding the mailing of self-mailers, our mailing design consultants will be happy to explain these to you (760-480-2323)

Data Processing: Postage will most likely be the most expensive portion of your mailing, but by processing your data and presorting the list we can help you attain presorted bulk mail postage.  We recommend most slef-mailers be sent Standard mail which will result in about $200/1000 savings. Data processing will usually cost a small fraction of this, about $180 to $400 a mailing.  Included in the data processing is CASS certification and NCOA, which will reduce the amount of money wasted sending to wrong addresses and help you update your CRM to include the most up to date information.  We also offer additional services like mail tracking, duplicate elimination, merging and organizing list, as well as list procurement.  

List procurement: List procurement prices range from $7.50/1,000 to $100.00/1,000 depending on the complexity and specificity of the list.  Though this is a significant cost this will allow you to specifically target households or businesses that are within your target market, and avoid wasting money on postage and printing of postcards that would have been sent to households and or businesses that have no interested in your offer.  

Addressing and Postal Processing: Self-mailers will need to be folded, tabbed (wafer-sealed), and addressed as per USPS regulations.  Self-mailers with different designs will require different tabbing types and setups. The price may increase if there is additional information to print like a permit, return address, or tagline.  The folding and tabbing costs will largely depend on the design of the piece and how it will need to be folded and tabbed. Addressing and preparing the mail to receive discounted postage rates costs about $5.00/1,000 to $14.00/1,000, but this could save considerably on envelope and inserting costs.