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Data Processing

How are you managing your customer database?  How about your prospecting files?  What about past responders?

  • Action Mail will maintain your customer database, prospecting file, and responder files — and store them for you at an off site location.
  • Action Mail can also append additional attributes to your data or segment your data for more precise targeting or tracking
  • We can track mail delivery, email responses, and provide analytics
  • Multiple lists can be combined into one database.
  • We can manage your additions, updates, and deletions for you.
  • We can dedupe your lists removing all duplicates.
  • Action Mail can also format your list so all fields are uniform.
  • We can check the address quality of your list and ensure that the addresses are deliverable (CASS Certification).
  • We can presort your data, so that you qualify for bulk mail postage discounts
  • And we can update your files with National Change of Address (NCOA) service.


All the lists processed at Action Mail pass through our USPS-approved software which is updated every 60 days. This software assures address standardization, appends the Zip + 4 postal code, Presorts your mail and CASS-Certifies it — which means:

Your mail qualifies  for the lowest postage rates possible!

We can also update your list by passing it through the National Change of Address database.