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Mailing List Purchase

One advantage of direct mail is the ability to target a specific audience which increases your response rate and ROI.  Let us help you create a mailing list that will ensure that your mailing will reach your target audience.  Data drives response and Action Mail has the ability to customize your mailing lists based on demographic information, income levels, interests, new movers, and almost any other indicator you can think of.  Action Mail can also append data to your in house lists or analyze your lists to find similar audiences. 

Let us know what audience you would like to target, and we will help you find a great mailing list for your next mailing:

  • Business-to-business in San Diego County — or in any geographic area nationwide
  • Consumer mailing lists locally or nationwide
  • List specifically tailored to your ideal target consumer (with selections for demographics, income, geography, interests, or whatever other characteristic you can think of)