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high end direct mail

High Value Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a great tool to target large quantities of people but it can also be a great tool to target your most coveted prospects.  For these high value prospects it is best to put together a more elaborate mail piece which will be sent to a few high value prospects.   These prospects will most likely also be touch be email, phone, and in person communications but a well designed mail piece will put you front and center.  If done well this is something that could stick around for a while and be a constant reminder of your company and brand.  For these prospects the mail piece should be upscale, high quality, highly personalized, and be sure to stick out.  These will also have to get past the gate keeper and into the decision maker's hands.  Sending a package, sample products, or a gift are great ways to draw the attention of your prospect and ensure your company gets the prospect's attention.  

These campaigns are often more expensive, but in the long run they pay for themselves and more if they are done right.  The piece should be complicated and expensive, but you should only be sending these to your highest value prospects so the quantity should be small.  The list will also be highly customized to ensure you are only targeting the prospects that will generate the highest returns.  Employing these strategic marketing practices will also alleviate the time and energy your sales team is using to get in the door allowing them to focus on closing deals.  Using direct mail is much more cost effective and has a larger reach than having sales people go door to door.

 High end high value direct mail pieces are a great way to get in the door and attract high value prospects, but the campaign will need to be run strategically with a creative and valuable offer.  Just think if you were to receive a gift in the mail would you not want to know more about who sent it to you, what else they may be able to offer you, and at the very least sit down for a phone call?