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invitation mailing

Invitation Mailing

 A great way to increase attendance and awareness about an event is to send an direct mail invitation.  Similarly to receiving a wedding invitation, receiving an event invitation makes the event special and allows the invitation to resonate with the recipient.  Receiving a well though out event invitation in the mail will increase the importance of the event and ensure that the recipient it aware of the event.  Additionally a mailed invitation can be kept as a reminder of the event date and can also create conversation and awareness about the event if it is displayed on the fridge or any other location as a reminder.  

 E-mail invitations and publicity on websites do not connect with your audience as well as mailed invitations, and can often get missed in people's inboxes.  Mailed invitations allow you to target your database of previous attendees, donors, clients, etc, and there is also the possibility to target prospective attendees that meet the demographic of your audience. Mailed invitations are a great way to brand your event and connect with and grow your audience.

Event invitations do not need to be as intricate and expensive as wedding invitations and there are many ways to create invitations that are aesthetically pleasing and provide all the event information.  Self-mailers are often great for event invitations as they allow a colorful piece while also saving money on the use of an envelope.  Alternatively a simple envelope with a card inside can also be done inexpensively while maintaining a high quality look.  We have also seen well design postcards that can act as invitations or save the dates.  The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, a well designed invitation will have a lasting effect and draw more attendance and awareness of your event.