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variable data mailing

What is variable data printing?

Variable data printing is where each record has different information (text, images, colors, etc) printed based on variables in a database.  This allows you to print personalized information on every single mailing piece.  Variable data printing is essential for personal mailings like statements, open enrollment information, or any other confidential or personalized direct mail pieces.

Yet, variable data printing is also beneficial for direct marketing.  Personalizing your piece will get you direct mail piece noticed in the mail and will increase your ROI.  Tailoring your mailing to data you have collected or data that is available will make your piece more relevant for your end-user and will increase the probability that they will act on your offer.  The possibilities are end-less with variable data printing, as you can customize every aspect of your mailing. 

Some examples of variable data printing include:

Mortgage Mailings: Mailings can include pre-approved mortgage rates or the address or pictures of the home where the mortgage will be used for.

Car Dealership Mailings: Car dealership mailings can include photos of the model that clients have purchased previously as well as information on mileage, services, etc to either generate new car sales or book service appointments.

Statement Mailings: Statement mailing will contain detailed information on invoices outstanding and will need to be personalized for each specific customer

Open Enrollment Packages: Medical insurance mailings will include variable rates, dependent, and plans for each employee, thus each open enrollment package will need to be printed with this variable data.