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variable data printing costs

How to Reduce Variable Data Printing Costs

Printing variable data and mail merges is a great way to personalize your message but variable data printing is more expensive than static printing.  There are some ways that could reduce the costs of variable data printing, especially when you are printing large volumes.  One option is to print static color shells and then print the variable information over these shells in black and white.  Depending on the quantity and design of your piece this could help save money on your variable printing.  If there are small amounts of variable data like a salutation and address block it may be more cost effective to print this variable information on an inkjet printer as opposed to a laser printer.  The quality will not be as good, but if this is a small piece of variable information it will be hard to anyone to differentiate what this was printed on an inkjet printer.  These options can help reduce variable data printing costs for direct mail pieces, but each project is different and it is best to speak with a mail house to identify the best methods to meet your budget while still delivering a high quality direct mail piece.