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Triggered Email and Landing Pages

Multi-Triggered Marketing Boosts Your Direct Mail Response!  

Planning a direct mail campaign?  Do you know when it will arrive — so you’ll know when to follow-up?  Now, you can:

  1. Track Direct Mail delivery in REAL TIME!  You’ll know exactly when your customer has received your mail piece.
  2. Follow-up with a “triggered” email — after your direct mail has been delivered.  We’ll know when your direct mail has arrived, and we’ll automatically send out your email message.
  3. Drive recipients to a personalized URL (PURL) for a custom landing page.  You’ll know exactly who clicked on your email message — and visited your landing page.
  4. BONUS!  We’ll even develop a mobile version of the landing page — and a QR Code to get your prospect there.

This integrated marketing approach will help your direct mail work smarter!

Start with Email — and Send a Triggered Direct Mail Package

We can send an email to your prospects or customers for you:

  • When it’s opened or when a link within the email is clicked, that action triggers a follow-up direct mail piece. We’ll automatically send the triggered direct mail for you!
  • Or, if you normally send direct mail in case the email hasn’t been opened, an email “open” or “click” can be the action that triggers that name to be suppressed from the direct mail follow-up mailing.
  • Know exactly who clicked — and send an immediate follow-up (or prevent one).

This helps you refine your lists and potentially reduce your costs.  With SnailWorks, all of your channels can work together.   

Download the e-book “Mail Meets PURL”    

Only Action Mail offers SnailWorks —  We Know Direct Mail Like No One Else

Action Mail is not your ordinary direct marketer — we’re your custom di­rect marketing performance partner that knows and leverages the ins and outs of mail like no one else. We take “snail mail” by the horns with an integrat­ed approach combining personalized mailers, email, landing pages and more. The result? Campaigns that are supercharged for:

  • Higher response
  • Lower mailing costs
  • Smarter messaging
  • More satisfying customer experiences

Launch Customer Impact into the Stratosphere with Integrated Tools

Too many direct marketers either rely solely on direct mail OR fail to coordinate other marketing channels with their primary mailing effort, resulting in dis­connected, “scattershot” messaging.

Action Mail’s SnailWorks system leverages different marketing channels and technologies into a smart, seamless flow of messages that reach your audiences at strategic points and times of contact. By enabling customer events to “trigger” follow-up communications from different channels, you quickly build on customers’ initial awareness of your offer, establish greater familiarity and advance the purchase process. It’s all seam­less and easy with SnailWorks.

Multi-Triggers = More Contact = Higher Response

Multi-triggered marketing takes integration to a whole new level!

If you don’t know exactly when your direct mail arrives, you don’t know exactly when to follow-up.   If you merely follow up “eventually” with another piece of communication, there could be a significant time lag between communications — during which your customer has all but forgotten about you. But that’s not how it works with SnailWorks.

More Robust, Responsive, and Effective Marketing Approach

It’s all about making your direct mail-based campaigns work smarter. Snailworks™ provides a common platform for all of your direct marketing channels, tying them together to be more effective.

Real-time direct mail and email tracking —SnailWorks™ enables the precise tracking of mail pieces as they move through the postal system to their destinations. It provides the critical intelligence that triggers the release of emails or other messages which allow you to follow up with customers in a timely manner.

Web-based response — Critical to any integrated direct mail effort is online reinforcement. Snailworks™ can help you develop a full suite of web-based tools that facilitate customer response and interaction, including:

  • Custom landing pages
  • Mobile-enabled emails/landing pages
  • PURLs/QR codes


Address quality — We apply a range of address update programs to help you maintain cleaner lists and alert you to undeliverable mail so that you can reduce waste and costs, including:

  • NCOALink® (National Change of Address)
  • OneCode ACS (Address Correction Service)
  • PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address)
  • AEC (Address Element Correction)


Personalization — It’s a no brainer — the more you personalize and tailor your message to your customers, the more likely they’ll purchase from you.

Action Mail offers a host of personalization services for traditional mail and email that are vital components in any integrated direct marketing campaign.

Traditional direct mail:

  • Personalized full color digital printing
  • Personalized traditional laser
  • Match mailings
  • Custom selects /segmentation



  • Dynamic personalized messages
  • Dynamic message content

  Download the e-book “Mail Meets PURL”

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