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Permit Imprint

Using a Permit Imprint (also referred to as an indicia) to apply postage is the most convenient and cheapest way to apply postage.  Permit imprints are printed directly on the mail piece and include the mailers permit information, class of mail, and location where the permit is located.  indicias can be used for non-profit mail, standard mail, pre-sort first class mail, as well as first class mail.  If you have permit registered at your local post office we can edit the indicia to include you information or you can use our permit.  

Please find examples of our permits below.  We have permits at the San Diego as well as the Escondido office for first class, standard, and non-profit mail.  We also have a corporate indicia in which the permit number and location are replaced with Action Mail.  The corporate indicia can be used for mail going to both San Diego and Escondido post offices