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How much does postage cost?

It depends.

It depends on the class of mail, the size of the piece, the quantity, the weight, and the distribution of the list.

Discounted and presorted postage rates are determined in large part by the geographic density of the mailing. For example, if you are sending 10,000 mail pieces all to Los Angeles County, you will pay a lower postage rate than if you were mailing the same 10,000 pieces all over the U.S.

The table below is a rough guide to postage rates for each type of mail class, but please contact one of our friendly sales associates for more information or postage estimates.  To get the exact postage we will need to process and analyze your list.

To provide ballpark postage estimates we like to conservatively use Mixed AADC automation rates for letter size pieces, the most common mailing size (postcards and letters).  Using these rates postage costs for a typical postcard or letter would be 42.3 cents per piece first class and 28.8 cents per piece standard mail.  There are are also special non-profit rates for non-profit organizations.

If mail is being sent to specific geographic area postage will likely be significantly less. Additionally postage will fluctuate depending on the size and weight of the piece.

At Action Mail we will work with you to help design your mailing, navigate the USPS rules and regulations, and get you the lowest postage rates possible.

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