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What is a Self-Mailer?

A Self-Mailer is a mail piece that does not use an envelope as a carrier. Examples of self-mailers include: folded brochures, folded newsletters, and catalogs. Self-Mailers are a great way to save money on envelopes and catch your audiences attention as the design covers the entire outside of the piece.

Folded self-mailers that are letter-size (but no larger than 6″  x 10 ½”) should be tabbed or glued shut in order to qualify for maximum postage discounts. The fold should always be below the address, and on a ¼ fold the fold should be below the address and to the right or leading edge.

Flat-size self-mailers (larger than 6 1/8” x 11 ½”) do not require tabbing or gluing in order to qualify for maximum postage discounts