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Why is using a good mailing list so important?

Using an accurate, targeted, and up-to-date mailing list is the single most important factor in determining the success of your mailing. You should use a list that is as targeted as possible — and for which your offer or appeal is relevant.

In addition, you should update your mailing list at least once a year to check the list for people who have moved. Action Mail has the tools necessary to help you update your list and keep it accurate.  We offer NCOA (National Change of Address) updating. This service compares your list with the USPS database of registered moves for the past few years. It will remove names that have no forwarding address and will update the list with new move addresses. We will send you back a list of these moves so that you can update your in-house address list.

One of the many advantages of direct mail is that data is available to specifically target your ideal customer.  Using a good mailing list will increase ROI and get your message to the right people.